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Thank you you all for making this community a nice place to learn about NFTシ

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Please, feel free to reach us out here for any technical inquiry.

Love you all ✨💙

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    Hello Forum NFT! Thank YOU for providing a place for me to learn. I’m an artist new to the joys of all things crypto related. Finally, FINALLY I have a way to sell my stuff without the risk of it being stolen. For me this is an absolue miracle game changer, ‘thanks’ doesn’t even begin to cover it – PYSON

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  2. Have you seen the new collection that's making the buzz right now?
    It's Lamasterclass and it's a collection of Llama in Pixel Art frankly there's a very big 
    I bought three Llama's for the moment because the prices are still low and it's gonna be 
    higher soon. 
    The story of the Llama's are funny search in ytb the video named : 
    Lamasterclass Story
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  3. You can join the train by having us create  NFT MAKETPLACE, NFT WEBSITE, NFT CARDANO, NFT SOLANA MARKETPLACE, NFT MINTING WEBSITE with an affordable cost.


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  4. The most effective strategy to boost your NFT sales is to quickly rank it on portals where NFT buyers and investors look to invest. Numerous NFT enthusiasts consult 3rd party websites such as FansForX, DexTools, and others every day to learn about new NFTs. Increasing on-chain transaction volume and market cap is the only method to get your NFT listed and sold.

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  5. Hi guys👋

    I am glad to present you the first Ukrainian 🇺🇦 NFT project @ivantheskull on Twitter

    “The history of the Kingdom and the Necromancer war. Thousands of courageous warriors – will you find the original fighter?”⚔️

    Please support the project by subscribing twitter🙏


    and check out our work🔥


    Thanks a lot, good luck everyone🍀

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