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I want to start buying crypto art

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I want to start buying interest art from crypto artists so please feel free to share anything. I really love animated pieces and 3d stuff, but I’d give a try to anything different or new (for me) like AR nft art, music…



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  1. Hello! If you are willing to invest in crypto-art/ gaming and get a passive income or just have fun, here is our project:

    CryptoPrison is not your typical Grind-To-Earn game. Our team of professionals is going to change the whole industry of p2e gaming and make it the most attractive game for all type of players.

    Are you seeking the project to invest in and get many different NFT-holding benefits, in-game card deck rental system and passive income? Welcome!

    Are you willing to grind and earn money? Welcome: CryptoPrison, an only game where grind is fun and interesting. Say no to overused and boring game strategies.

    Or, maybe, you just want to play a free engine builder, dice-roller online board game in solo mode or kick your friend’s ass on PVP arena? Guess what… Exactly, welcome again

    Based on ETH blockchain, the first season of Crypto Prison presents 3 characters: Rebel – Johnny, Scientist – Gramps and Pothead – Kevin. There will only be 9999 unique skins minted as NFT, 3333 skins for each character.
    There are 2 main game modes, which are different but have a huge influence on each other: story mode and a pvp-mode.

    Our Mission
    Our main mission is to make the most comfortable environment for both the NFT-holders, as well as Free-to-play and Play-to-earn gamers.
    Using the in-game ecosystem and a special token (Inner currency $oap-coin), players will be able to buy/sell preferred items and ability cards in a special auction and play interesting game modes for fun and to obtain rare cards/skins.

    We understand the magnitude of the responsibility that we are taking upon ourselves, but we are not afraid of the obstacles and we are inviting YOU to our project. With your help, together, we can create a game, which will restore the lost balance. Let’s start with gaming and then, maybe we can restore the balance in other places as well, who knows?

    Medium: https://bit.ly/3uQfg77
    Discord: https://bit.ly/3JbyBVu

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  2. Hello ijjusssss and foks

    I am nft artist & on my site The Morgos – Collection | OpenSea you can find very cheap unique nft  collection art with giveaway.

    Your support would mean a lotfor me coz I am new to this.



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  3. Nifty Gateway, MakersPlace, SuperRare, OpenSea, Decentraland, and Rarible are only a few of the many marketplaces where you can buy and sell NFTs. Check out NBA Top Shot for NBA highlight collectibles, where $230 million has already been spent trading tokens, or “moments.”

    YellowHeart, which Kings of Leon used to release their numerous albums NFTs, is a music-centric platform that uses blockchain to ensure the validity of concert tickets and prevent scalping. Some claim it is the future of concert-going, and that it will give artists more control.

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  4. Hi jjjussss, good question, as a NFT fans, I think there are some common ways of displaying NFTs medias, either on-device or on-line (PC, phone)

    Display NFTs galleries on-Deivce by size
    1. Infinite Objects 7” displays
    2. Qonos 17.3-inch display wallmount

    If you want to display NFTs galleries On-line,
    1. OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace to display your crypto art collection.
    2. Showtime wants to position itself as the first NFT social network.
    3. Lazy is a new entry in the crypto art space.

    If you are an NFT media artist or content publishers , you want to develop or customize your own Art display devices,
    1. Lenovo is based in Beijing, China, it make pc, tablet and smartphones.
    2. Framemory is the digital frame OEM ODM manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.

    If you want to access the NFT wallet contents
    Portfolio Tracker – From Dapp Radar

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  5. Hello from artX! You can check our first NFT out via https://rarible.com/token/0xd07dc4262bcdbf85190c01c996b4c06a461d2430:584634

    Drogon, the last dragon that born of fire in 299 AC. It is now 1722 color pixel years old. Drogon is seeking for Khaleesi’s revenge by breathing fire, and the Bitcoins appears from its ashes. The artwork is created with over 25.000 pixels and used 1722 different(Each for Drogon’s age) color hex codes.



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  6. Hi,
    How are you?
    Go to see my espace in opensea.
    I’m French illustrator, i realise vector art.


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  7. Just dropped a collection of collectibles

    On opensea.io.   check me out on insta: @originalaletier

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  8. Exciting new NFT collection! Minting is live!
    Listed on: https://newnftdrops.net/drops/polygonalpunks/

    Exciting UNIQUE FEATURE for PolygonalPunks project!

    With every mint on https://polygonalpunks.com
     25% of funds goes back into the reward fund. The stackable reward fund is claimable by the last address that minted an NFT, after 24 hours!

    So basically, mint a Punk to increase the reward fund by 11 MATIC and set your address as claimable. You can claim the entire reward fund after 24h if you are still the last to mint a Punk (no new mint), by clicking the “CLAIM REWARD” button on https://polygonalpunks.com website.

    Total number of MATIC, that will be given back to the NFT community with this unique feature is more than 109000 MATIC! Let that sink in! Follow us at https://twitter.com/polygonal_punks

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  9. Hello,

    You can go visit my cloud collection, they are waiting to be adopted (soon I have nothing to feed them)
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  10. Hi. I have a great video for you. It describes in great detail what and how to buy in February 2022. I think this is very relevant. I think it will be useful.


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  11. Who remembers such inserts from the 90s? The old people will understand. A collection of inserts from “Love is”, which was produced for the Russian market. Who remembers that?)
    check https://opensea.io/collection/nftloveis

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  12. Hey there! 🤗 I create Astral Flight NFTs that range in price pretty widely. My mission is to allow the lower class entry into the “Wild West” of the METAVERSE and meta real estate. Hope it might strike your fancy 😁

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  13. [Rare art collection drop] Part psychedelic vision, part utopian dream, the Crypto Theocracy is a collection of 8 algorithmic art paintings by Yan Chang-An that depict a future ruled by crypto-backed theocracy. The Prophet leads the Colony from Paradise, defended by the Gladiator and a religious order ruled by the Priests from Utopia Sails, threatened eternally by the Outcast’s schemes. https://opensea.io/collection/crypto-theocracy

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  14. Mickey Mouse Nft Art collage

    Digitally created to replicate traditional comic book printing. // 1 of 1 // 300 DPI


    The bar is of course not on it when you buy it.

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  15. Check this out this is an upcoming project I’m working on. It’s going to be providing a lot of utility long term for all members

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  16. Check out this one. It is truly unique and more is coming…once you get it, you can resell it for ridiculous profit.

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  17. If you want to buy NFT then opensea will be absolutely good website but if you want to trade currency or major coin then for sure FreshForex brokr will be the right option to choose.

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  18. I was looking for a collection here and accidentally noticed it, it seems to me that it will cost a lot soon, maybe this is a new trend, what do you think? https://opensea.io/collection/untitled-collection-284494543

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  19. I was looking for a collection here and accidentally noticed it, it seems to me that it will cost a lot soon, maybe this is a new trend, what do you think? https://opensea.io/collection/untitled-collection-284494543

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  20. Hello all!

    BicycleClub-  is a club with a whole history. The first collection is CryptoBicycle. These are 10 bicycles of the Common, Rare, UltraRare collections.

    The benefits you get when buying CryptoBicycle are many. I note that the project is designed for a huge audience. 35 percent of the sales of the first collection will be used to purchase bicycles for children around the world. One of the privileges for holders is the opportunity to get nft as a painted child, then we will convert this drawing into a 3D model and make it unique. 1nft CryptoBicycle=1nft 3D Bicycle. With this bike you will be able to fight in PvP game and have passive income. Only collection holders will be added to the discord!

    Our mission
    Our main mission is to create a close-knit community for a pleasant pastime for a crypto game, where you can compete with your friends and show whose bike is really cooler and faster. Put CryptoBicycle in your garage and follow our news. We guarantee feedback and positive emotions from joining our club! We invite you to jump into the first carriage of the train in a project that will definitely fly to the moon
    Website- http://bicycleclub.tilda.ws/

    Twitter- https://twitter.com/bicycleclubnft

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  21. Per my view, purchasing nft is much riskier than investing in cryptos cause we know that if NFT price goes down then it’s tough to recover so it better is to trade major cryptos at a reliable broker like FreshForex.

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  22. If we look at the CAD/JPY pair for 4hours, we can see that it is gaining a few short pips at the price level of 103.58. If the price continues to rise, the next resistance level will be 104.10, and the next support level will be 103.45.


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  23. If you are an art seller you can find a number of good art pieces at a very cheap price and you can buy it from there and sell it at high prices in art galleries. The best part? Physical Art pieces are untraceable for the artist to claim the royalty.

    Also, I found this one art piece extremely reasonable in price.


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  24. Hi,
    am besten man kauft sich NFT-Kunstwerke von Künstlern die schon welche sind;-)

    Schau mal auf meiner Seite vorbei.


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