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Billion Dollar Business On – OpenSea NFT Marketplace | OpenSea Clone Script | Sellbitbuy

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Sales in NFT’s are peeking at $2.5B in the first half of 2021. Sales in the OpenSea NFT marketplace are record-breaking and have created a massive increase of over $13.7 M in the same period of time.

Per month OpenSea NFT marketplace witnesses almost $150 million in sales. Business freaks can make use of this big opportunities as NFT’s is the future of making an exchange in the digital world.

Individuals can launch an NFT marketplace just like OpenSea with the support of NFT developers to build a replica of the NFT marketplace for you with OpenSea Clone Script.

People are becoming NFT enthusiasts so it is the right time to grow your business in online.

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  1. WeAlwin Technologies is a top-notch NFT marketplace development company that offers full-fledged NFT marketplace development services worldwide. our NFT developers assist you to develop an NFT marketplace that meets your business requirements.

    Let us see the workflow of our Opensea clone script

    The working principle of our Opensea clone script

    • Our Opensea clone script allows all the users should sign up via Email or mobile number to initiate NFT creation, and investing.
    • Our Opensea clone script is integrated with software that Automates the KYC process to verify the users.
    • Our Opensea clone integrated with crypto wallet enables the users to store, and transfer NFTs securely.
    • The Opensea clone allows the verified users to mint their work into NFT.
    • The bidding options in our Opensea clone help the investors to place a bid for their interested NFT.
    • Once the bidding auction is closed the higher bidder owns the NFT instantly and securely
    • Our Opensea clone has a facility to transfer the ownership of the NFT to the new buyer and is recorded in the smart contracts.

    The revenue model of our Opensea clone script

    • Listing fees
    • Transaction fee
    • Minting fee
    • Bidding charges
    • Gas fee

    Why WeAlwin Technologies for your Opensea clone script development

    Our dedicated blockchain experts develop and deliver a high-quality Opensea clone script with extensive features. our Opensea clone is customizable you can modify it as per your business customization. below is the reason why should you choose us for your Opensea clone development

    • A core team of blockchain experts
    • Expertise in Blockchain platforms
    • The quick and agile development process
    • Project’s Confidentiality

    Why wait, claim your free Opensea clone script demo right now!

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